Concern for the Environment

Our environmentally-friendly fly ash is playing an important ‘green engineering’ role in the local building materials industry by:

  • Reducing process and energy input carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • Recycling a by-product from the local power generation industry as a value-added cementitious building material
  • Reducing the consumption of non-renewable natural resources
  • Reducing the size of power station landfill sites
  • Improving concrete durability, prolonging the life cycle of concrete structures

Each ton of fly ash used in cement and concrete saves approximately 1 ton of CO2 emissions and reduces dependence on non-renewable raw materials. During the last ten years, the use of our fly ash by the local cement, readymix and construction industries, has saved South Africa over 15 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Environmental Policy

Our operation is closely integrated with Eskom’s and we have taken a position on the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (NEMWA) that is consistent with their position.

“We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of classified fly ash in Southern Africa and market a range of fly ash products. Through the implementation of an environmental management system and the use of defined objectives and targets, we commit ourselves to:

  • Continually improving environmental performance through appropriate initiatives   and controls
  • Complying with legal and other requirements
  • The prevention of pollution
  • Implementing controls for the minimisation of energy and material usage
  • Operating effective and responsible waste management and disposal
  • Taking immediate action to rectify a situation where our company impacts on biodiversity
  • Encouraging our suppliers, contractors and customers to adhere to sound environmental management principles

The success of our policy relies on the personal commitment of each of our employees and the involvement of other affected parties.  The company will motivate meaningful contribution to the policy through transparent communication processes, as well as training and awareness initiatives.

We will work with all government bodies on sustainable issues and communicate openly on our company’s environmental performance.”

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