The well-being of our employees and the people who work with us on our sites and transport our products is our first priority. We continually strive to match the safety benchmarks set by leading international players in our industry. Recently, we surpassed the milestones of 1 000 Lost-Time Injury-free days and 1 000 000 manhours LTI-free, demonstrating that genuine commitment and motivation can bring the desired results. Sustaining our safety ambitions is a wide spectrum of measures and programmes, such as:

  • Every employee is trained in safety procedures and to carry out a risk analysis before starting any job
  • Group standards are strictly enforced for carrying out any procedure with a potential safety risk
  • Every employee is encouraged to participate in a safety competition as an individual and as a team player, with rewards for those achieving high scores for active safety awareness


In a significant new approach to employee healthcare, the successful Ash Resources’ HIV/AIDS campaign has been incorporated in a holistic Wellness programme. Wellness recognises that a wide variety of lifestyle and health issues, such as nutrition, stress, financial and marital problems, can impact the functioning of an employee at work and the general well-being of the individual and his family. Some key aspects of the programme are:

  • A Wellness committee, formed with employee representatives from all our sites, identifies priority issues and manages the programme on a monthly basis.
  • Our voluntary HIV/AIDS Peer Educators have been trained to become Wellness Educators to provide a broader support service to employees.
  • The Ash Resources Employee Assistance Programme is administered by ICAS, a company offering extensive experience in confidential healthcare counselling. Employees can contact ICAS 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to obtain help with whatever may be worrying them.
  • Ash Resources has also arranged that the services of external healthcare management company, Lifeworks, are available to all employees and their immediate dependents as part of the ongoing HIV/AIDS prevention and care programme. This includes operating regular Voluntary Confidential Counselling Testing (VCCT) campaigns at the company’s sites
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